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Helios 44-2 Beautiful Bokeh and Sample Images

Image Credit: Ákos Fekete

When I first got the Sony a6000 I wasn’t aware of lenses at all. I did make a thorough research on mirorrless cameras but didn’t know enough about prime lenses, zoom lenses, sharpness, focal length, etc.

When you buy a new interchangeable camera, you want to know what kind of lenses you need. For example, if you want to take portraits, you will need a 50mm prime lens and if you want to take landscape photos you will need a wide lens of 16mm and wider.

So the best way to experiment, improve your skills and knowledge as a new photographer, is to consider buying lenses that doesn’t cost much and still produce amazing results and sharp images!

In the image above, it’s the Helios 44-2 58mm f/2.0. It is an old lens that you may find it on the internet for about $50 or less. Old lenses have manual focus. That means you have to manually adjust the aperture and the focus area. The focal length stays the same as it is not a zoom lens.

The Sony e-mount system allows you to adapt any kind of lens if you have the proper adapter. You can mount even the latest Canon, Nikon, Tamron, Sigma and other popular lenses. The Helios 44-2 is very popular for many Sony camera owners.

While we were looking for sample images of the 44-2, we found Akos Fekete from Hungary on Instagram and asked him if we could post a few images of his work in our blog. He accepted our invitation and also told us that Helios is a really good lens, it produces great bokeh and it’s really sharp!

Personally I own a Helios 44M-6 which is a little bit different but has almost the same features. It’s a 58mm with a f/2 aperture and manual focus ring. I can’t deny that it produces amazing bokeh like the 44-2! I have taken amazing sunset photos with wide open aperture at 2.0. More samples from that lens will be published soon!

The settings our friend used to capture these images with the Helios 44-2 and the Sony a6000 are:

Aperture f/2.0
ISO 100
Shutter Speed 1/800 – 1/1000

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Image Credit: Ákos Fekete

Image Credit: Ákos Fekete

Image Credit: Ákos Fekete

Image Credit: Ákos Fekete

Image Credit: Ákos Fekete

Image Credit: Ákos Fekete

If you own a Sony e-mount interchangeable lens camera and you want to buy a Helios 44-2 lens, you will need the proper adapter. You may buy this on Amazon for about 10 dollars (ONLY FOR SONY E-MOUNT SYSTEMS).

Make sure you have all the knowledge you need before buying anything (lenses / adapters / other equipment). If you are unsure on what to buy, head over to a local store and ask a professional before spending money on something that won’t fit your needs.

Have you ever used a vintage lens with your new mirrorless camera? If yes, what did you like the most about it?

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