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  • The 10 Best Resources to Master Photography
  • Best Camera Gear for Every Photography Genre
  • How to Editing Professional-Looking Images

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  • How to create a new website with zero skills
  • How to create a professional portfolio
  • How to create a photography blog


  • Buy/Upgrade your camera gear
  • Start/Grow a photography business
  • Create a new website/portfolio
  • Optimize your photography for Google business
  • Write web copy for your website/blog


I interview photographers and artists, helping them showcase their work, boost their social presence, and become part of our worldwide community.

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Hannah McKelson
Hannah McKelson
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John is an indispensable source in the camera-buying process. With his high-level professionalism, knowledge of the craft and market, and commitment to customer satisfaction, he helped me select the perfect camera system, model, and lens for my needs. From generalized discussions about user needs to in-depth spec comparisons. I credit my amazing experience to his qualifications. Highly recommend him for any needs you might have pertaining to the realm of photography.
Tonje Sivertsen
Tonje Sivertsen
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I highly recommend John Mak Photography if you are interested in photography and need some good inspiration. Not only is John an amazing landscape photographer, but he also does an awesome job promoting other photographers and sharing his knowledge of mirrorless cameras. And if that wasn´t enough; John is a super friendly guy 🙂
Rosy Harari
Rosy Harari
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Some of the most beautiful photographs I have seen in a long time! Great photographer 👏👍

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