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We provide educational content based on personal experience, insights from world-class photographers, and recommendations from reputable brands and services.


We assist photographers in launching a new business, build impressive portfolios, and gain recognition through the latest branding and advertising techniques.


We empower photographers, content creators, and artists to showcase their work and share their unique stories through our website and social media platforms.


Launch your business, open a photo studio, or boost your brand’s visibility with our unique web content and expert brand consultation services.


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John is an indispensable source in the camera-buying process. With his high level of professionalism, knowledge of the craft and market, and commitment to customer satisfaction, he helped me select the perfect camera system, model, and lens for my needs.

Hannah McKelson Review John Mak Photography
Hannah McKelson
Copywriter & Brand Strategist

John Mak Photography is an invaluable resource for travel and street photography enthusiasts. I'm thoroughly enjoying the educational content and being part of a vibrant global community!

Tonje Sivertsen John Mak Photography Review
Tonje Sivertsen
Street Photographer

Some of the most beautiful photographs I have seen in a long time! Great photographer 👏👍


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