Hello everyone,

I am a writer, publisher, photographer, and world traveler.

As a writer, I like creating content and help fellow beginners and enthusiast photographers learn from my personal experience in landscape & creative photography, mirrorless camera gear, photo, and video editing.

As a publisher, I am affiliated with companies and promote their products and services on my website. I write reviews, “Top-10” / “How-To” articles, etc.

As a photographer, I am self-taught. I have worked professionally in world dancing competitions and martial arts games. Personally, I take photos of landscapes, cityscapes, and street. Check my work on Instagram @johnmakphotography.

As a traveler, I am enthralled by mountaintop views, vivid sunsets, the smell of forests, and the exhilaration that comes with exploring new places.

I have a strong work ethic and great interpersonal skills. I am good at problem-solving, leadership, and communication. I always pay attention to detail and deliver top-quality work to my clients.

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