How much is Canva Pro? Save up to $1500/m on Graphic Design

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This article is a quick guide about how much is Canva Pro and how I saved $1500+ per month by purchasing the annual plan.

Canva Pro is a professional online designing tool that gives you the power to create stunning social media designs, presentations, and other graphics. It’s the ultimate designing tool every business owner needs to grow their online presence!

Table of contents

  1. Top 3 Beginner mistakes
  2. Cost of hiring a freelancer
  3. Canva Pro for business
  4. Easier than Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator
  5. Canva Pro vs Free
  6. Share with your team
  7. Are you ready to save $1,500 per month?
  8. Canva Pro FAQ

Top 3 mistakes beginners make when they start a business

Most new business owners spend a big portion of their budget on hiring freelancers and trust them (that’s when you don’t know what you are doing and have made zero research on what you need and how to accomplish it).

They hire experts (who are not)
Example: Most writers who portray they know about SEO (search engine optimization), have basic or minimum knowledge of how SEO works. SEO is not just stuffing a bunch of keywords in an article. It’s a whole science behind it!

They spend more time and money on marketing than focusing on their product/service
Example: The majority of content creators on Instagram who has more than 1 Million followers, barely spend time creating a WOW post. They simply share a photo or video of what they do and get thousands of likes.

They focus on likes and not income
Example: Many content creators are focusing on likes and views rather than spending their time creating more value and adding money to their pockets. 5000 views and 1% engagement is worst than 500 views and 30% engagement! What would you choose?

How much does it cost to hire a freelancer?

I know; I’ve been there! When you’re trying to launch your business, often a social presence is one of the first considerations.

Social media lets you introduce yourself (and your business) to the world – and has the potential to win you millions in leads and conversions.

Your next order of business? Find a graphic designer. You hop on Google, start searching and stop dead in your tracks.

The average hourly cost for a decent design service ranges anywhere from $30.00-$75.00 per hour.

Well, that isn’t doable. Consider the average time it takes to design:

  • 30 days of Instagram carousel posts
  • 15 days of ads for your launch
  • 30 days of Pinterest content (averaging 4 pins per day)
  • 30 days of Facebook content (averaging 2 posts per day)

Not to mention Twitter content, TikTok covers, Infographics…and all of the numerous other graphics that you need to maintain relevancy today!

If you add up the total cost of the list above only, this easily tops $1,500.00!!!

And that’s just too much!

There is a solution for you that is (quite literally) a FRACTION of this cost.

Your business deserves to have quality branding without the thousands of dollars that it would take to outsource.

Introducing Canva!

What is Canva?

Canva is a free-to-use online tool that offers users professional-grade templates for all of your social media needs – including YouTube thumbnails, Instagram stories and posts, Facebook event covers, and more!

Every template is fully customizable, and the site also allows premiere photo editing tools, such as resizing, file conversion, and photo editing. Canva’s versatility makes it one of the most sought-after tools on the market for amateur graphic design purposes.

Below, we’ve compiled five additional benefits that you can gain from using Canva Pro (for businesses, entrepreneurs, content creators, etc).

Canva Pro Features for Business

  • Unlock thousands of templates

Canva was designed with diversity in mind. With Canva Pro, you can unlock access to thousands of templates that can be used across any social platform, website, and email service that you could think of. These templates are easy to use and provide you with the versatility that you need to succeed.

  • Countless features for one flat price

Canva Pro eliminates the need for expensive editors like Photoshop or InDesign. With Pro, you can unlock virtually any photo enhancement tool or variation that you would need to create just the right graphic for your use. This, coupled with the endless stream of templates you have available to you makes Canva Pro stand out in the flow of other graphic apps.

  • Millions of free stock photos

Gone are the days of surfing the internet for the perfect commercial-free photo to use in your design. With Canva Pro, you can have endless quality stock images, graphics, animations, and short clips available for whatever you need! You can use as many as you want freely and have full access to the library with Canva Pro.

  • Design in seconds

With the free version of Canva, you do have access to templates – but the library available to you is limited and more simplistic. With Canva Pro, you can use complex, beautiful, and captivating designs with just a few swipes and clicks. Your process is streamlined, and the easy-to-use interface coupled with the design of libraries makes Canva Pro a top choice to use in your business.

  • Share in seconds

With Canva Pro, you can automate your sharing process by connecting your popular social applications (think Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram) and choosing to upload automatically upon the completion of your design.

Easier than Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator

Creating a web graphic design should be easy and time-efficient. That’s what Canva Pro has accomplished. They provide you with professional templates and a friendly user interface that is easy to navigate, create and save your design on your computer!

On the other hand, Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, or Illustrator need advanced skills in order to create a design. These programs are more suitable for professionals who work for big companies and enterprises.

Canva Pro vs Free

Canva Free gives you an idea of how Canva works. Yet, you can’t use every template and tool to create a custom design based on your preferences.

That is why upgrading to Canva Pro, gives you the ultimum flexibility to use all Canva Pro features and create any design you want!

Check Canva Pro Pricing and different plans here.

Can you run your team in Canva?

Yes! Using the power of Canva Pro, your team can work seamlessly and navigate the design process together.

The easy-to-use interface lets you invite people via email to join a team, and have access to shared assets, photos, templates, color palettes, and more.

Because of this feature alone, Canva has rapidly grown in popularity among seasoned companies and startups alike.

Are you ready to save $1,500 per month?

Canva Pro eliminates the need for graphic design specialists and additional hiring procedures. With the simple purchase of Canva Pro, your business could be saving over one thousand dollars per month – allowing you to curate a specialized stream of content for a fraction of the price!

If you’re ready to start saving today, you can click here to learn more. Get Canva Pro now, and start saving – TODAY!

Canva Pro FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Below, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most frequently asked questions, so that you can make your Canva Pro purchase in confidence.

Q: Is Canva cheaper than hiring a web designer?

Absolutely. Whether you decide to hire internally or outsource your work, web designers can cost thousands of dollars a month – simply to create graphics for your site or social content! Canva Pro eliminates the need for additional spending.

Q: Is Canva easy to use for amateurs?

Yes, it was. You can begin using Canva Pro via their tutorials and easy-to-use interface – no design experience is required. Canva Pro was designed for individuals who had no experience in the field to navigate the process confidently.

Q: Can I design something on Canva and sell it?

Yes, you can design something in Canva and sell it. Canva uses commercial-free graphics and allows users to make the templates into their own unique designs, allowing you to use your graphic assets for whatever service or sale item you want.

Q: Can I use Canva for Instagram Carousels?

Canva is a great tool for Instagram carousels! Canva has specialized templates for multi-posting on either Facebook or Instagram and allows users to customize the content on each slide. If you’re looking for a tool to streamline your carousel creation process, look no further than Canva!

Q: Can I use Canva for Ad Campaigns?

Canva is a strong tool for ad campaigns on any platform. Canva has specially-designed templates that will help you to grab (and hold) the reader’s attention, and highlight your product or service in a concise and digestible way! The images available on Canva Pro are commercial-free as well, so you can use them for your ad needs.

Get Canva Pro now, and start saving – TODAY!

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