How Oppression Destroys my Creativity as an Artist and why Traveling Sets me Free

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You may have heard this phrase saying: “The best things in life are not things”. I want to live my life based on that phrase which to my sense means “Freedom”.

I can’t deny it. When I am not moving and staying in one place I am at my worst. It’s a struggle. My mind simply does not work.

The recent lockdown has made me sick physically and drained me mentally. It’s unhealthy to be restricted this way. Especially for a free soul like me.

If you would ask me, which word I dislike in the dictionary, it would be Oppression. I have experienced oppression when I was a kid, so I know what it means.

Here’s the definition according to Google Dictionary:

How Oppression Destroys my Creative Side as an Artist and Photographer

Ten years ago, I read a book titled The 4-hour workweek” by Tim Ferriss. When I started reading it, I had a moment of huge realization.

Life is about doing what you love and creating the freedom to do it.

When you are oppressed in life, you don’t have freedom. You are limited in a sick mental environment either you or others create in your life because you think you have no other choice.

When you are a kid, you have no choice because you have to live with your parents. It also works the opposite way. You may be married with kids and feel oppressed in your marriage and trying to find ways so you can protect your kids and their future.

There are many other situations and examples when oppression hits you. It literally limits the freedom in your head and makes you depressed and exhausted.

When I feel oppressed, I feel hopeless. It kills my creative side. I don’t want to work, I don’t want to take photos, I don’t want to write, or do anything.

However, lately, I am more aware of oppression. I know what I want in life, and the more I plan and concentrate on what I want, sends oppression away.

My Trip to New York and Cali

I know I have a lot to give in life. I love giving, I care, I want to help others. It’s what fulfills me as a human being.

I’ve visited New York before New Year’s Eve in 2019 to celebrate my birthday, and see friends and family. It was one of the best trips I had in years.

I had a few days to explore before getting on a plane and head west to visit San Francisco. My favorite spot in New York, is in Brooklyn Bridge Park, next to the famous Brooklyn Bridge.

This is where I was going almost every day to relax, eat a snack, take photos and visualize the next chapter of my life.

Everything about this place makes me calm. The view is stunning watching the New York Skyline in lower Manhattan and Wall Street district.

This is a moment for me I feel at my best. It is what I seek in life. I want to explore, be inspired, and connect with other like-minded people.

This is where oppression is 0 and freedom is at 100!

All I need is a backpack, a laptop, my camera, and my journal. Nothing else makes me happier than traveling and moving forward. I don’t like collecting anything materialistic.

The more you have, the less happy you are. To me, being rich is to explore, experience new things in life, and help others along the way.

New York made me feel at my best. My creativity rose significantly since the first day I was in the city! Walking in the streets of Manhattan inspired me and made me think better of my composition, how to document life, and brought me closer to my element.

The same thing happened when I visited San Francisco! It was my first time in California and the west coast. Being right next to the water rejuvenates my soul. It was another wonderful place I’ve taken one of my greatest photos!

Why Traveling Sets me Free

A movie I really love watching, again and again, is The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. In this movie, you see the main character “Walter” working in Life Magazine as a negative asset manager.

Walter never traveled in his entire life. He only went to his work and back at home. He was also a daydreamer into a fantasy world. He never actually took the chance to take action on his dreams, but that would change soon.

Life Magazine’s Motto

“To see the world, things dangerous to come to, to see behind walls, draw closer, to find each other and to feel. That is the purpose of life.”

This is when traveling comes into the equation. If you won’t travel, you won’t see the world, neither you will do all the rest Life’s motto says about.

You might let oppression hit you hard in life, or fight back and earn your freedom!

It’s not that easy, especially when you have to deal with negative people. But you have a choice! Choose you and don’t worry what others will say. You are in charge of your life.

I choose to travel, and I am planning to do it soon again. I could share with you so many quotes about traveling and how powerful it is to change someone’s life. It is a reward you can’t find anywhere else on the planet. It’s freedom!

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