Top 5 Reasons Why the Sony a6400 is Still a Great Camera in 2024

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While living in Germany, I sold my legendary Sony a6000 at and bought the Sony a6400 paired with the Sony 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 OSS kit lens for less than $1000.

Despite the same NP FW50 battery, which doesn’t last as long as the new NP FZ100 found in the newer models, the Sony a6400 was still attractive because of its fast and reliable Autofocus system!

With real-time Autofocus, you can point and shoot at any subject (moving or stationary) while walking in the busy streets of a big city. It makes you feel confident that you won’t miss the shot!

Question: Does this camera fit the new era of fancy cameras with the newest features and technologies?

Answer: In my opinion, it still does! Regarding image quality and Autofocus, it is still an excellent choice and does an excellent job for almost half the price of the new Sony a6700!

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Top 5 reasons why the Sony a6400 is a great camera to buy in 2024

  • Small, lightweight, yet powerful
  • Great image quality with unlimited 4K video recording time
  • Flip-up screen and customization
  • Superior Autofocus system with Eye AF for humans and animals
  • Lens selection

1. Small, Lightweight, yet Powerful

The Sony a6400 is a small, lightweight camera perfect for travel photography. That is why I still own one: It fits in most travel bags, so you can take it everywhere.

The image quality is really good. You get more accurate colors than the previous generation, and the Autofocus with subject tracking is excellent!

One of the things you might want to consider is to get an L-Bracket if you have big hands. The one I have bought is light and fits perfectly with the Sony a6400 body.

2. Great Image Quality and Unlimited 4K Video Recording

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Most recent cameras have a limit on video recording, usually 29 min. The Sony a6400 records unlimited video, which means you can record video at the highest quality for as long as your battery lasts.

Even if it doesn’t support the newest 4K 60 frames recording, it can still take incredible UHD videos at 4K 24, 25, 30p, and 1080p up to 120 fps!

The Sony a6400 can record videos for personal or professional projects. Using proper video editing software, you can record videos with S-Log2 or S-Log3 gamma modes and edit your content on your computer or Mac.

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3. Flip-up Screen and Customization

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I like the flip-up screen. From the photographer’s perspective, it’s better.

The new flip-up screen is also suitable for vloggers because it helps you see yourself while filming. You can flip the screen up and turn the camera facing you, making it easier to take selfies or record videos.

Sony offers many options and customizations through the menu system or with custom buttons on the Sony A6400. It is not the best camera menu system on the market, but it is easy to use if you learn where every feature is.

4. Superior Autofocus System with Eye AF for Humans and Animals

The latest Sony cameras combine quality with speed. The Sony a6400 image processor helps the camera focus at incredibly high speeds—0.02 seconds!

Also, the algorithm can track and lock focus on subjects without losing them even if they move out of the frame. This feature is called “Real-Time Tracking,” one of the best features on the Sony a6400.

This feature can also be used for portraiture. The algorithm can track the human eye and maintain focus even from a distance, so your portraits will always look sharp and gorgeous!

5. Lens Selection

Copyright 2024 – John Mak Photography

Lens selection would be the top reason to get the Sony a6400. Sony mirrorless cameras are ahead of any other brand in lens availability. They have enough lenses for both APS-C and Full Frame cameras.

Here are my top lens recommendations for the Sony a6400:

Another advantage of the Sony a6400 is having lens options from third-party lens manufacturers such as Sigma and Tamron at almost half the cost! In addition, most of their lenses are award-winning on TIPA.COM and EISA.EU.


The Sony a6400 continues to shine in 2024 as an exceptional camera choice, appealing to seasoned photographers and beginners.

Key points to remember:

  • Its lightweight design makes it perfect for travel photography, while its outstanding image quality and rapid autofocus ensure stunning results.
  • Whether capturing stills or video, the a6400 delivers with 4K recording and no time limit on recording, catering to a variety of creative projects.
  • Its compatibility with a wide selection of Sony and third-party lenses guarantees exceptional sharpness and versatility.

Furthermore, its affordability makes it accessible to those venturing into photography. It offers user-friendly features alongside advanced capabilities for growth and exploration.

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