GEEKOTO 58” Ultra Compact Lightweight Aluminum Tripod – $20 OFF

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This Geekoto 58″ tripod is ultra-light and perfect for beginner photographers. It is ideal for vlogging, traveling, hiking, and professional work.

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  • Price: $69.99
  • You Pay: $49.99
  • You Save: $20

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Customer Review

“I’m a professional photographer with demanding needs. I evaluated this tripod and found it to be an exceptional buy in its price range. Very sturdy and well-built and equal to a tripod costing over a hundred more. I love the ball head and the monopod option and love how lightweight it is. Perfect for my trip to Cuba! The only concern is the plastic clamps on the leg extenders. But, it was a $70 tripod. It over-delivers on quality. I highly recommend but get the larger one!”

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