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Sony a6000 Hot Shoe Cover

When I first bought the Sony a6000, I was really happy to take it out of the box and start taking my first photos! I didn’t even care about anything else except to set the camera to intelligent auto and photograph anything that was in front of me!

After a while I realized that Sony didn’t include a flash cover (Hot Shoe Cover) at all. I know for some it doesn’t matter but to me it does cause I am perfectionist and can’t stand have things that doesn’t fit or are imperfect!

When you’re really into photography, taking photos, learning about your camera settings, composition, lenses and so many other things, you barely care for accessories. At least I didn’t care that much but after a long period of time that I was using the camera without the cover I did want to get one. So, I did some research online and found the specific hot shoe cover for the a6000 on Amazon. It is really cheap and does fit my a6000 perfectly!

Here’s a sample image without the cover.

Here’s with the hot shoe cover.

I guarantee though this won’t improve your photography skills! 😛

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