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Prime Lenses Make a Difference

Photo was taken with aperture f/2.0 | ISO 100 | Shutter 1/4000

Today I had the chance to shoot with an old prime lens, the Helios 44M-6, a 58mm f/2.0.

The results are obvious in the image above. Prime lenses are providing better quality, nice bokeh effect and give you another feeling while shooting.

The problem with these lenses is that they don’t have image stabilization and you have to hold your breath each time you press the shutter button. Do you have a steady hand? LOL 😀

To use an old lens with the Sony a6000 you need to buy an adapter from Amazon.

If you own the a6000 and you have old lenses stored somewhere in an old box, go find them and visit this YouTube channel in the video below, to learn more information on how to mount them on your camera.

These guys are pretty good and they provide many reviews for several old lenses like Canon, Nikon, Helios, Tokina, Minolta, etc.

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